Prices & Reservations

Keeping it Simple:

  • Wedding reservations follow the same terms of a general facility rental!
  • There is no "day of use" or "ceremony" fee for the first 150 in attendance.
  • Rates follow our standard Rate Chart for first 40 overnight guests
  • After 40 overnight guests there is an additional $35/person/night fee
  • Many couples ask their out-of-town guests to pay for their room at Tierra - potentially offsetting a large portion of the facility rental fee. Refer to our Pricing Package Sample for examples.
  • The wedding couple acts as the sponsor of the event and will be responsible for full payment of the invoice on the first day of the event.
  • A 15% non-refundable deposit and a signed letter of agreement are required to reserve dates.
  • The 15% non-refundable deposit acts as a cancelation fee.
  • A refundable damage deposit is required prior to the event.
  • That's it!

Photo by: Aaron Willcox